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In addition to my full-time role as a conceptual designer, I founded Art by Nature Magazine at the end of 2015. The magazine provides new insights into my work. For me, nature represents transcending to another world — a world without the stress of daily life. My sources of inspiration are artists who step from behind the curtain and share how nature feeds their imagination. I communicate directly with them and let them explain their creative journey in their own way. As a passionate storyteller I bring readers and artists together.


For the final project of my graphic design education, students were asked to create a concept and 0 edition for a new printed magazine.


The moment I received the assignment the magazine’s title came naturally to me. After defining my target audience/readers, I developed a  detailed style. My moodboard included content as well as layout. The logo started out as a 3D design. Later on it became more of an illustration. After successfully completing the project I decided to ask my creative peers for their opinion and whether  they would be interested in being featured in the magazine. Based on the feedback and interest I received,  I launched the first edition in 2015.


The current edition is #7, which is featured on Issue and has 6000 readers. The average number of monthly visitors is 10000, and the social media channel Facebook counts 360 followers; Twitter 500 followers; and Instagram 500 followers. As a logical next step, I am making the magazine more professional, including a press kit, advertising, flow optimization and partnerships.
Each edition features content series such as: Behind the Scenes, Through the Eyes of, Inspired by Nature, Photodoc, Gallery Special, Design by Nature, Nature’s Wannahaves and DIY, as well as seasonal content.

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Art direction, graphic design, editor,



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Art by Nature Magazine