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Claudia Mayer helps creatives and designers earn the money and success they deserve – in business or their career. She mentors professionals in the creative industries, by helping them to become courageous leaders who make informed decisions. She summarises the typical success criteria and has created a unique 6-step process to empower business growth and personal leadership.


Coaching by Claudia was launched in 2015. In 2016, her business shifted focus to the creative industries. Her previous logos were temporary solutions and did not reflect the professional development of her company. The client requested a visual identity to represent her core company values, methodology and the results achieved.


As part of my collaborative design process, I met Claudia and she briefed me extensively on her expectations, communication targets and company background.

I defined Coaching by Claudia’s corporate identity during a problem solving session and created a visual mind map to simplify the client’s message. It changed from: “Creatives and designers have many different characteristics and Claudia intervenes in their journey to find the right path” to: “Claudia coaches creatives and designers. She is the compass that helps them find their way”.

The client wanted a personal, not too feminine look using her corporate color purple. I created three possible solutions, each with a different look and feel. As part of my search to simplify the message behind Claudia’s new logo, I researched forms that symbolize coaching and looked for a way to combine this in an illustrative form with typography. I found that the letter “O” and a compass were the perfect combination for her logo. I asked Claudia for her feedback and worked on the preferred solution, creating the final logo.


With the new logo, Coaching by Claudia received a relevant, clean and unique visual identity. It draws attention to her core service, which is guiding clients in the right direction, using the symbol of a compass.

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Concept, Graphic design, Illustrator




Tessa Ontwerpt


Coaching by Claudia

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