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Demeyere produces durable stainless steel cooking utensils and is based in Herentals, België. It is a family owned company that has more than 100 years of experience and four generations of tradition, enterprise and innovation. With high quality materials, love for design and innovation, Demeyere is the only brand in the world that uses technology for their specialized pans. Professional chefs and the enthusiastic home cookers use their products because the technical requirements for cooking, baking, using a wok or roasting are each very different.


In 2012, the client of DDK requested advertising materials for promotional products that all 44 franchise holders could personalize with their company name and contact details. The materials consisted of posters and flyers for stores as well as banners for online promotion.


My research concluded that the brand should express a sturdy and chic feeling as well as have an innovative and modern character. The values to be communicated were high quality, innovation and value. The photos that were provided by the client inspired me. They showed Michelin chefs (such as Gert De Mangeleer and Sergio Herman) in their kitchen, looking creative and very cool.


I have been working on the Demeyere’s brand image and brand activation for 5 years. For special occasions such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, autumn and Christmas, I designed advertisements and promotional products to build the Demeyere brand awareness, with its unique character.  In this time I created about 20 campaigns. Each season had at least one advertisement; either of one product for most of the franchise holders or one advertisement where most franchise holders were named, by company name, address and website.  Along with the advertisements, I designed a flyer, poster and/or banners in the same style.

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Graphic design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Concept design



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