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Marieke Verhoef is a Dutch artist and poetry book writer, regularly exhibiting her paintings and serigraphs at the Traverse of the City Hall of Bilthoven, The Netherlands. Her books are about everyday life and the way she experiences it. Her poems are characterized by her minimal use of words. Marieke runs a Women’s Writing CafĂ© in Bilthoven aimed at inspiring and connecting women through writing together.


In 2015 Marieke asked DDK to design a set of 52 inspirational cards combining her art and poems. The cards invite users to take look at themselves and others from a new perspective. They give shape to feelings and thoughts and help in gaining new insight. The cards can be used alone or with a group to inspire, to lift users from their usual thinking, and to engage with them when writing or talking about the thoughts that arise. The questions are a mirror and they make the hidden visible.


In our briefing I asked the client about the look she envisioned for the cards, as well as her intended balance between typographic design and art. I experimented with different combinations of typefaces and the placement of poems cut out from her artwork. My design highlighted the first letter of each sentence in a vibrant and playful way. The following text had a light, gentle serif with a quirky twist.


The card set was a great success and the first print of 50 sets was sold at different bookstores, including De Bilthovense Boekhandel and BRUNA in Bilthoven, BRUNA Utrecht (Nachtegaalstraat), Bouwman Boeken in De Bilt as well as De Nieuwe Boekerij in Zeist. A second print run of 100 followed in 2016. 50 of those have been sold to date.

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Graphic design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Concept design, Product design



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Marieke Verhoef